alphabet book

Stafasmjatt is a multicultural children's book with the Icelandic alphabet for children aged 2 to 5. It serves as the first introduction to the letters, helps to learn new words and gives a short overview about the food culture.

The book features themed spreads with different foods offered. The Icelandic cod and pancakes are paired with international influences such as chopsticks and noodles.

Over the past few decades, Iceland has rapidly developed into a multicultural society. But regardless of nationalities we are a family, which gathers to eat, play and talk. The book celebrates these precious moments.

Stafasmjatt includes the letters C, Q, W and Z, even if they are not part of the Icelandic alphabet. Illustrated using food, they blend with the illustration.These letters are included for children who have them in their names, but cannot find them in the new Icelandic alphabet.

– The idea for the graduation project was born when I could not find an Icelandic alphabet book for my son. Children in Iceland are introduced to letters later than in Ukraine, my home country, and books currently available aren’t aimed at toddlers.

So … I decided to design one myself.

The photo of the book

The main theme – food

Vegetables, vector illustration, close up

The "hidden" letter "C" is made out of fruits

Noodles, cheese ... yummi

The spread with an Icelandic food

On this spread is shown one of the "hidden" letters, "W"

The final spread of the book with the whole alphabet. The whole book can be viewed online here