An Imaginary World

Course: Höfundur og verk (e. Author & Work)
Instructor: Haraldur Agnar Civelek

Inspireland – the solid part of nowhere in eternity distinct from reality and evidence. This land is for everyone and anyone can enter it immediately at any time. It does not require a password or key or any form of transport. It only requires desire and imagination. Here, the day can replace night only when water will fall up or trees will start to talk.
You can hear thoughts of the air and see dreams of the sand. It is a land of colours, sounds and shapes that are changing depending on people’s fantasy. But people are not born here, they are reborn here, find new thoughts and views. This place exists only in our heads and will never disappear until we have imagination and desire to create. Inspireland is the place where our thoughts come from and our ideas are born, and every our work has a piece of this land.

Map of the Land

Landscape, night and day