childrens book

Children´s book, “Olli makes a friend ”
The story and illustrations by Viktoriia Buzukina

Course: Barnabók (e. Children´s book)
Instructor: Kristín Ragna Gunnarsdóttir

The moral of the story is that you can be friends with anyone, no matter how different they are.

Kindness is the key.
This book is targeted at children aged zero to five.
I used full-illustrated spreads in order to grab children’s attention and a short text so that parents would not need to stay on a page for too long a time. The book is short enough for those children who are only beginning to learn to read.

The objective of the book is to show the importance of how text and illustrations work together. When text is not used to tell the story on some spreads, the illustrations are strong enough to describe the actions and lead to the next page.

The book can be viewed on www.issuu.com/viktoriabuzukina/docs/olli_eignast_vin_small